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Latest Tricks - The Importance Of Sitemap In SEO

Latest Tricks - The Importance Of Sitemap In SEO

Creating a Sitemap is an important task when it comes to indexing a new website.
Sitemaps are in fact a kind of map page in your website to simplify search engines and their crawlers (bots) to recognize your website structure therefore its easier to index efficiently.
Usually the crawlers are programmed only in certain link levels to follow therefore all the pages are covered through the crawlers, this may cause problems to websites with a large archive and many nested pages.
Another important aspect of the Sitemap is that your website is more frequently visited by search engine crawlers, because they are more interested in the new pages and updates in your website. Especially for websites that regularly update new contents, such as forums, blogs or news portals. This also considered as a critical factor to improve ranking in the search results.


Web page are indexed more quickly
Google will find more content , compared to the conventional methods
Direct communication with search engines, changes to the website are recorded quickly
Robots (crawler) learn the structure of the website and optimize the implementation
Coverage and freshness of search engine results for the improved site
Creating a Sitemap
If you have a blog operates with WordPress, then I would strongly recommend the Google XML Sitemaps plugin.
This has a number of very useful options and the most importantly; it informs the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) automatically when any changes occurs in your Sitemap. It is a must for all the WordPress bloggers who are trying to develop their website.
General Sitemap Creation
If you don’t use WordPress, I would recommend It is free up to 500 pages if your website is larger than 500 pages you have to pay for that. After completing this step upload it to your website.

Then update the information in google webmaster tools. There is no guarantee of indexing all the pages you have uploaded.
Once you publish new content on your website, you should repeat these steps.
Registration for the webmaster account is of course a one-time thing.

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