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Latest CPA Publishers Network – MaxBounty Review 2011-2012

Latest CPA Publishers Network – MaxBounty Review 2011-2012

MaxBounty is a cost effective affiliate network that offers solutions for performance based affiliate marketing. It provides merchants with a strong network foundation on which they can run an affiliate program which is successful. It operates on a Cost Per Action (CPA) basis – you earn when a sale is generated for you.

MaxBounty offers a low network fee of 20%. You can also run as many campaigns as you want once you are part of MaxBounty. The management takes care of affiliate payroll and runs a through check on anti fraud affiliate. It boasts very detailed statistics which consists of a pre-existing base of over 4500 affiliates. The affiliate is also highly customizable to suit your taste. Revenue is earned from advertising sponsors on a pay for performance basis. There is an inhouse managed campaign available if you want one. This will give you a chance to communicate directly with other merchants. This affiliate group offers one of the best and most outstanding reporting systems in the industry.
MaxBounty offers one combined monthly payment. It also has international affiliate payments in local currency. Its statistics are in real time and it also has a provision fro sub-ID reporting. It operates on a second tier referral income policy. There are normally over 200 campaigns that are live at any one time on the network. The campaigns include one field submits, full survey signups, per-lead offers and trial with credit card offers. Pay out differ since they are based on these campaigns.
The affiliate’s highest paying offer is through the Tickle IQ Test campaign, where one is paid 56 dollars after purchasing the IQ Test results. The amount earned per month is dependent on the amount of work or effort you put into promoting MaxBounty campaigns. An average affiliate earns $1,000 per month, but some people earn more others earn less than this. Since there is no reward scheme at MaxBounty, there is an offer of better rates for affiliates. You can use your higher commission check to obtain a reward or two.
maxBounty has an second tier referral commission, which is 5% of the sales. You will continue receiving this commission for the next twelve months from the time the referred affiliate joins the network. The payment is based on a monthly net15 procedure. It can be made through a check in the affiliate’s local currency, direct deposit or through PayPal. Big earners are offered special terms which can be discussed on a case to case basis. If you can earn at least 15 000 dollars per week, then you might be considered for weekly payments.
MaxBounty might just be the affiliate network that will work for you. The networks staff are dedicated, they pay a lot of attention to the needs of the affiliates. The owners of the network are normally available to answer any questions that you may have for them. This is network whose top affiliates earn over 20, 000 dollars a month. You do not want to miss out on this one.

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