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Latest CPA Publishers Network Kitara Media Review 2011-2012

Latest CPA Publishers Network Kitara Media Review 2011-2012

Kitara Media Site
Kitara Media -
With the recent purchase of the company by Bristol Interactive, LLC and the cash and talent infusion they seem to be making serious headway into the first tier. Mostly a revenue share network, Kitara Media has made vast improvements in payments, interface and eCPM. It is indicated by some publishers they will do cpm deals. Some of the new toys for publishers to play with are a fully automated sign in and digital W8/W9 which simplifies and accelerates signup. Kitara Media also has a brand new iPhone widget which streams revenue stats to your phone real time, and a quality of traffic rating which constantly compares your traffic to historical and their internal network quality levels. These tools and a proactive attitude make them a solid player in the web publishing world.

Ad formats available:
Skyscraper (120×600)
Wide skyscraper (160×600)
Medium Rectangle (300×250)
Standard Banner (468×60)
Pops (728×300)
Leaderboard (728×90)

Interface: 7.5/10
Superior customization for publishers
Functionality issues
A better-than-average site in terms of form and function scores high marks for its content filters. Publishers can choose ad offering tailored to their own site from a range of options missing in most companies. An online tutorial would help to overcome some of the usage issues.
Support services 9/10
Outstanding service
Phone often better than email
Direct and friendly service that’s responsive and easily accessed by a 1-800 number. Plus, assigned account managers for every publisher. Publishers report email requests are answered in the industry-standard two days, so picking up the phone seems the better option. Overall feedback while light has been positive.

Payment 8/10
Positive: On time and in full
Negative: Minimum US$75.00 threshold for payment. No Paypal
For small publishers with good traffic, Kitara Media is a solid choice. NET30 payments paid in a reportedly timely fashion by check, ACH (US Only) and wire for payments over 5K US means that publishers who can bridge the minimum payment threshold criteria are duly rewarded.
eCPM: 9/10
Solid performer- Competitive with most networks
Overall Rating: 8.5/10 – Very Good
With a balance of customer service and publisher focus, Kitara Media will have what it takes to run with the big dogs. Time will tell. I suggest you give them a try.
Kitara Media Signup:

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