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Latest CPA Network Approval Guide 2011

Latest CPA Network Approval Guide 2011

First of all let me say thank you for visiting my website. I have made every effort to compile all of my knowledge about CPA Affiliate Network approval in this Free CPA Network Approval Guide. I have been approving CPA Network accounts for a little over six months now and have learned a lot in the process. Getting into CPA networks can be easy when you know what you are doing. If you are having trouble getting into CPA networks, just read this guide and hopefully you will get accepted in no time.

The demand for CPA accounts is huge and anyone who has the ability to make a large number of them can monetize them in countless ways. The reason why CPA networks are so famous is because you can earn a lot from CPA networks online.


1. What Is CPA?
2. The Networks
3. Individuals Living in the United States
4. Individuals Living Abroad
5. Individuals Offering and Approval Service to Others
6. Individuals Who Want Multiple Accounts with the Same Network
7. What If You Get Turned Down?

What Is CPA?

CPA stands for “Cost Per Action”. What does that mean? Well, the simplest answer to that is, CPA Networks work as intermediaries between you (affiliates) and advertisers. These companies are willing to pay for information, or actions.

Sometimes entering an email or a zip code may be all they need to be considered an action. Other times the prospect you send them may need a completed application for a trial of xyz diet products to be considered a completed action.

No matter what it is, you don’t get paid until the traffic you send takes the needed action.

The CPA Network that deals with the advertising companies gives you a list of what offers, or “campaigns”, are available and what actions need to take place for each campaign in order for you to get paid. When you sign up and are approved by an ad network, you can log into your account and browse for campaigns that you want to promote.

In other words, campaigns are really just actions that a company, such as VISA or Verizon or whoever, wants publishers (affiliates) to present to potential customers and have them take action on.

Now, these can be very lucrative. If you do a little investigation and can get cheap enough clicks in an area that converts, you can easily make $100 a day or more. And once you get something bringing in $100 a day, you can just about let it run on autopilot and start up something else, or you can try and ramp it up and make $200, $300, $500 a day off of it.
The Networks

After talking with seven different CPA networks, I’ve found that they almost always offer similar products for you to promote, albeit with some small but significant differences.
For instance, I found an area that I thought looked like it could convert really well. There was very little PPC competition, but there was at least some competition, which indicated that someone was making money using PPC in this area. I then looked for something to offer for this area.

The first three networks I looked at that offered anything in this specific area only allowed email campaigns.

That sucked because I didn’t have a list to market to and I didn’t want to pay for one. Rather than give up, I just kept looking and, sure enough, I found one network that offered the exact same type of product I wanted to promote but allowed search advertising for this product. Bingo!

That’s the great thing about being approved by several CPA networks. If you don’t find what you want on one, just look in the others. That one network I found that allowed search advertising has made a huge difference in my bottom line.

Oh ya, just one more little tip. I’ve found widely varying payouts for the same product at the different networks. As I write this guide, Hydra Network has an zip submit offer that pays $1.20 for each submission. Azoogle has the same exact offer and pays $1.45 for each zip entry. That’s over 20% greater payout for the same thing, so look around and get the one with the best payout.

One more thing. The books and course you read will tell you that you can negotiate with your account manager for a better price, and I’m sure you can. But since I was just starting out and didn’t want to haggle with a pro, I decided I’d wait on that until I was able to drive some traffic to them first. So, to start out, I just found the best paying offers for my selected products and promoted them.

Individuals Living in the United States

Countries with English as an official language are often easily approved by CPA Networks. Especially those who live in the USA. Getting CPA accounts is a breeze when you have a US home/business address and can speak English. A complete beginner can get a CPA account instantly in a couple days if they follow these basic steps in this free CPA network approval guide.

1. Appear Professional

The most important mistake that most inexperienced marketers make is, they appear unprofessional. This is the biggest mistake and you will probably get a rejection email right after submitting the application. Remember CPA networks want serious business, they want affiliates who are professional and know what they are doing. You need to show them that you are fully dedicated.

Email Address:

Looking professional shouldn't be a pain. It is quite simple. You will need a professional email address, not something embarrassing that you share with your buddies. CPA networks are looking for serious marketers and an email ID like looks awful. At the very least get an email that is your or some variation of that. However, the best thing to do here is to buy a domain name (you will need it to create a website) and you can easily setup an email address.


Although it isn't necessary I highly encourage you to buy a domain name. By purchasing a domain, you will have two advantages. First of all, like I previously mentioned you can make you email address look even better because it will read something like and second of all it allows you to throw together a professional website. This makes you look more professional and not just some CPA spammer.

When I say professional looking website I mean something that represents either you or a the company you own that you are applying with. (There's more on the advantages of an individual vs. An enterprise later on)

You can search google for "Professional business website sample" or "Simple business website", if you need to see an example.

By doing so, you will actually find website that represents a company, and you will also notice that they are professional looking, simple and clean. There are no need for flashy or high quality graphics, all you need is just a straight forward and to the point message. We need to show them that we mean real business. Also note that on the contact us page, the titles that you and your partner will have assigned to yourselves should not be the highest in the company. If you set yourself up as “Founder and CEO” that screams start up. You want to look big and established, right? A newly founded company is not as well liked as an established one.

Additionally make sure that anything you say on the website is kept consistent with what you say on your application. This is extremely important for getting approval in CPA networks. For example: if you happen to say you have 3 years of experience be sure to put that on your application. Making the website is easy. All you've to do is either outsource it, it means hire someone to do it for you or if you know HTML and photoshop then you can easily create your website within a few hours. There's another easy way, search google for XSite Pro, buy it and create your website instantly. Note that you will not need any experience or skills when creating your website using XSite Pro. It is fairly easy to use and anyone can use it.

Phone Number:

This step is not really necessary but it surely adds a touch of professionalism which is what we are aiming for. So, If you can get a Toll Free Number with a directory that makes you look even bigger. CPA networks will call you to verify that you are real and when you've got a toll free number that greets them with a message like:

“Welcome to ABC Marketing. If you know the extension of the party you are trying to reach please dial it now. Otherwise please press 1 for a company directory.” It makes it appear as if your company is big. In reality it might just be you. The fantastic thing about the entire thing is that you can set up tons of extensions and fake names and have them all forward to the same phone in the end! You can have like 5-10 people and have all of their extensions forward to you so in the end the CPA network has no idea what happened.

Two of my preferred services are and I personally use ring central because it has a lot more options for greetings and directory set up.

2. The Application

The second step is to fill out applications. To do this you need to go to the websites of CPA networks and find the affiliate sign up form. Filling out the application is relatively easy you just have to make sure that you don"t admit to anything that a CPA network generally wouldn't like. Here is a brief list of things you should never mention on an application:

* Anything that contradicts with what you have on your website if you have one
* That you incentivize offers (some networks allow it like CPALead but be careful)
* That you spam or appear as a spammer

The two least difficult stories to maintain are either that you drive traffic using PPC or that you buy Banner Ads. There are other ways and other stories to tell but these are the easiest to stick to. Now, I'm going to walk you through the application process for a popular CPA network, NeverBlue. If you know a little bit about CPA networks, chances are you've already heard about NeverBlue.

The first page of the application asks you to put in your email and chose a password. Fairly simple stuff, use your professional email here (like i discussed earlier) and wait until you receive a confirmation email from NeverBlue. If you do not receive an email from NeverBlue CPA network then check your spam folder. This email will contain a link to the application. The network does this to confirm your email and prevent automated sign-ups.

The second page of the application requires you to enter your business experience and niche preference. For industry experience the amount of time you put in is really irrelevant. It is necessary that you make sure it is the same thing you put on your website and that you write it down somewhere later on for the phone call. I normally take a screenshot of each page before I submit my application so that later on I can pull up that image for reference during the phone call. You can use the "Print Screen/Prt Sc Sys Rq" button in your keyboard to take a picture of your screen and then paste, save and keep it in a safe place for future reference.

For the Vertical area it is not really that important what you select either just make sure you would be comfortable talking about it. When you have the knowledge about the niche it makes the phone call a lot easier. The Diet/Fitness/Exercise vertical is incredibly easy to talk about. It allows you a lot of breathing room and you can always talk about Acai or Hoodia when you get on the phone with the network. When you pick your vertical what I encourage you to do is go and find an offer or two that relates to your vertical.

Head over to OfferVault. It is a very useful website. Now type in some keyword phrases that relate to the vertical you chose. OfferVault compiles a list of all of the CPA offers currently available and their payouts. The best part is, it's free to join.

Choose two offers and write them down, maybe check out the landing page a little bit, write down the payout. You are going to use this later on.

Now continue with the application. The next page will ask you for your primary means of promotion. There are two stories which I use most frequently.

The first one is Search or PPC traffic. All you are going to tell the network is that you use Google Adwords and drive traffic to offers by direct linking to landing pages. That way you don't have to show them any websites besides your professional business site and you can hide any blackhat activities.

So for other CPA networks check yes. CPA networks prefer to know you already have some established accounts. You should take screenshots of other CPA accounts in case they ask you for proof. If you are not working with any other CPA networks atm then find some easy networks that requires no phone varification, get some leads and submit that as your proof. Although, this never happens with US internet marketers, usually just internationals. However when it does happen it helps to be prepared.

List a couple for example COPEAC, Ads4Dough, Hydra Network, Clickbooth. Two should be enough. The network does not want you working with too a lot of their competitors, just a couple.

For traffic country, always put United States even if you are not from the US. Hands down. These networks cater to 90% US advertisers and then a couple Canadian and UK ones. US traffic is the easiest to get by on.

Then select Direct Link for the next interface box.

Since you will most likely have to answer this question over the phone if it is not asked in the application i am going to clarify this a little bit. Direct Linking involves driving traffic directly to the advertisers web page, this works effectively for some landing pages which are more of sales pitches. Having said that in other situations it is to your benefit to design a landing page which serves as the sales pitch and the advertisers page is just the order form and some graphics. Both strategies have their advantages and downfalls, landing pages help you supplement a crappy sales page and in some situations improve on the advertisers pitch. But in case you write a poor sales copy it really hurts conversions. Also with a landing page the end user needs to jump through one more hoop to get to the final sale. In the end if you don"t have any example landing pages you need to select direct link anyway because when the affiliate network calls you they will ask for example landing pages and you will have to provide them with a link.

Now for traffic source title. Since this is PPC you want to write Google Adwords for the title and for the url. The network is not going to ask you any questions if you put this. As an alternative you can put in your professional website for the url source and explain over the phone that it is PPC traffic so the source varies. Which means in the end you really don't need a web site in order to get approved, it does help though.

This same technique can be applied to banner advertising. All you have to do is follow the same steps and simply modify the information to be for ad space purchasing. The best part is that for source URL you can put any website with banner ads on it. Since the site isn"t yours and you are just claiming to buy ad space on it there is no way the network can know the banners on the site aren't yours.

The last page of the application involves putting in all of your personal information. Do not lie on this page! This is the information that CPA networks use to contact and more importantly PAY you. If you put false information here, you will be earning but there's no way for you to cash out your earnings.

Enter your real home address or business address if you have one. If you have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) enter that for Tax ID otherwise use your Social Security Number.

If you do enter a screen name for an IM client make sure it is professional. Make an new one if necessary.

3. The Phone Call

What people tend to fear the most about CPA network approval is the phone call. People are afraid that they will choke and ruin their chances of approval. This step is really important to get your CPA network application approved. I understand that it may be terrifying at first but the more approvals you do the more natural it will become for you. In order to get around the phone call anxiety what I find helps a lot is calling the network rather than letting them call you. If you want to wait for the network to call you then you are giving them a large window to miss you or catch you at a bad time. You wouldn't want that, now would you? So, my advise to you is call them, as soon as you submit your full application you will receive an email where you will find a phone number, use that phone number to call the CPA network.

Another reason for you to send in your application and then follow up with a phone call as soon as you can is because the people that will be calling you from the CPA Networks are there to filter out anyone that they think will not be of any benefit to them. They can be tough. However, when you call them, you’ll most likely be put through to an account manager. These people are not paid to filter you out.

It is least difficult to get all of the information you gathered during the application process together and then contact them. This means pulling up the screenshots of the application pages so that you keep your information consistent and also getting out the information on the offers that you researched earlier.

The most effective approach that I have encountered is first contacting the network via AIM. This lets you get the majority of the questions out of the way before you're actually on the phone. It boosts your confidence a lot and usually the network will just call you to verify that you are real, say thanks for applying and send you your approval notice. Which means that you've more time to respond when they ask questions via AIM and can look at your reference materials before answering.

The best part is that for some network I can tell you I have been admitted without a phone call whatsoever. You just chat with the on AIM and they let you in. COPEAC and BluePhoenix Network have done this a number of times with my applications.

You can find all of the AIM screennames for various individuals at various network at the site doesn't have all of the networks but a little digging around the CPA networks home page can go a long way. You can go to CPA networks official websites and find the contact us page, there you will be able to find their AIM screennames.

Here's a list of questions that you are more likely to encounter during a phone call with a CPA network:

Q: Could you please confirm your address/email/phone number for me?

A: This question is just to reduce fraud and to thwart people like me who approve CPA accounts for others. If you have all of your information pulled up though just read it off and you"re set. Most networks will ask some form of this question either towards the beginning or end of your conversation.

Q: Do you do this full time or part time?

A: I used to do this part time in the evening and weekends, but as of November I’ve been doing this 100% full time

Q: What type of offers do you promote?

A: Make sure you keep this consistent with your application. Mention the vertical that you selected and also some keywords from offers that you researched earlier. Like acai berry or hoodia. Things that relate to the two offers but don"t name them just yet.

Q: How long you've been marketing online?

A: I’ve been marketing on the internet for about 4 years now, primarily promoting affiliate products from Clickbank and CJ (Commission Junction, in case they say something) - they aren’t going to ask you to prove this.

Q: Where do you get traffic from? OR How do you plan on promoting Network Name's offers?

A: Keep this consistent with the application once again. PPC: I/We promote offers by driving targeted US traffic to advertisers landing pages/our own landing pages. I/We design our PPC campaigns using SpeedPPC and we track everything using Tracking202 Pro. We optimize based on CTR and conversion ratios biweekly.

(If you use this word for word read up on SpeedPPC and Tracking202 Pro dropping the names of these tools helps a lot usually because it makes you look and sound professional).

Banner: I/We buy ad space on websites that we deem to have a high volume of quality traffic and target the niche that we are promoting an offer for. We track clicks by sending the banners through Tracking202 Pro before we redirect to the final offer.

Another Example: I plan on using PPC, as well as article marketing and social networking. Recently I’ve been driving traffic to polls, blogs, and product review sites - which I then send over to the offer. I’ve found that the search engines really like the blogs and review sites, and they get picked up pretty quickly with very little effort at all. The social networks like YouTube and Myspace are also starting to drive a lot of traffic to my sites as well.

Q: Do you do this full time or part time?

A: I used to do this part time in the evening and weekends, but as of November I’ve been doing this 100% full time.

Q: How much do you usually spend per month on advertising/What is your PPC budget each month?

A: Keep it according to your application. While no amount is the "magic number" anywhere from 1-2k is usually pretty solid.

For example, Well, I’m setup right now to spend up to $100 a day, but I’m always looking to scale up for those campaigns that are producing. My thinking is that you have to be willing to spend money to make money.

That’s what they want to hear. They want to know that you’re going to be delivering a lot of traffic to them and that you’re not some broke dude in high school trying to make another five bucks a month.

Q: Do you direct link or use landing pages?

A: Consistent with the application once again. If you say landing pages be prepared to show the network one or say “Sorry my boss has not authorized me to show landing pages because we have had incidents in the past with landing pages being stolen.”

Q: Do you work with any other CPA networks?

A: Yes, mention the names of the CPA networks that you wrote on your applications. You should never say no to this question, they want people who are already doing okay in some CPA networks.

Q: How many unique visitors do your sites get?

A: Altogether I’m getting about 5,000 to 7,000 uniques a month, but I’ll be scaling up when I find profitable offers.

Q: What CPA offers are you currently running with those CPA networks?

A: Mention by name the two offers you looked up earlier on OfferVault, say that they are converting well and make up two percents, say anywhere from 5% to 15%. If you say 15% make sure you follow up with something like “Its our biggest money maker and is really converting like crazy.” 15% is great for whitehat CPA marketing. Also if you can describe the offer a little and mention things like payout, exit pop-ups (if the page has them), cost to consumer etc. you look like a seasoned veteran. All of these things can be found on Offervault or on the page itself.

These questions summarize the majority of what you are likely to encounter in a typical phone call. If you're hit with a question that you don't know, just stay calm and don't hang up. Beginners will often throw away a perfectly good approval phone call because they choke on one question. Here are a couple strategies for dealing with the unexpected.

1. If you put yourself as a lower position on your website or application then you can claim you don"t know the answer and can ask your boss and call them back. Usually they will say “Oh, that"s fine don"t worry.” If they don"t just tell them you will call them back, find an answer to the question and call them back.
2. If they ask for specifics, ie. numbers, urls, etc. just say you can"t disclose that information because you are not authorized to do so due to theft
3. Try to answer the question as best as you can, just keep talking until you feel that you have exhausted your options. Mention things you previously mentioned and talk about those. Usually this works and the interviewer will move on.

If all goes well they'll send you the confirmation straight away or within a couple minutes. If you are approved they will usually say congratulations and let you know that you are approved.


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