Saturday, October 29, 2011

HYIP or PTC which is Better for Investment

HYIP or PTC which is Better for Investment

Nowadays people always interested to invest money and earn quickly.Many Online earners are keen to invest in PTC and earning huge .Some persons are interested in HYIP sites means High yield investment programmes.Here I am sharing my experience without indicating any type of specific sites .When I first joined online ,I invested some money in the PTC sites and saw that getting profit from those kind of PTC sites are really hard to get back.The reason are - you have to be active everyday to get the refferal earnings after investment also, secondly you have to manage the refferals as many PTC sites are using Bots and 30% of them are not again we have to recycle them .More over we have to upgrade in those sites.In HYIP,atleast you can get daily payment from 1-2% of the investment .But yes you have to invest very carefully and always distribute your amount to some 5-10 legit sites.

My sincere advice though not to invest online, all are risky stuffs and any sites, may it HYIP or PTC will vanish anytime.So be very careful while investing those.and if you invest also invest with online earning money.

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