Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to Make Money with Paid Search Engines?

How to Make Money with Paid Search Engines?

Major search engines receive millions of visitors per day and ads, which are placed on search engine result pages get tons of clicks per day, which means - these sites make more cash than they spend for technical stuff.

A new idea of making extra money from home was made right after the launch of the first sponsored search engine.

Make money with paid searching at

The main point of paid to search websites is to reward their users for their daily activity. So the question is - would you like to make money for doing something you do every day, but for free? is one of the most popular get paid to search websites. Their major advantage is the custom search engine system, which allows the users to comment search results (additionally you can receive money for going this).

In order to start making money at Irazoo you will have to sign up and check out their terms of service (you have to understand how the system works and for what you can receive points).

Every bonus activity at will give you special points, these points are to be used for buying prizes and shopping in the Irazoo store (personally I've spent my points for buying an Amazon gift card, which is a cool choice, as for me). gives you money not just for rating and commenting on search results, you also get a chance of receiving instant prizes and bonuses. All in all, this paid to search website is a great possibility for all of us. Points are easy to earn, so getting free prizes has never been easier.

If you want to learn about free ways of making money, please take a look at my previous posts, in particular an article about making money with article writing.

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