Saturday, October 1, 2011

Google Adsense Terms & Conditions


Google Adsense Terms & Conditions :

If you think this page is too long, omit the rest, BUT please, I beg you to read this if you have a Adsense account! One step wrong means you going to end your Adsense life forever.

1. DO NOT click your own ads
2. DO NOT put a text, or a notice, asking your visitor to click your ads
3. DO NOT use blog rotation sites, paid-to-click sites.
4. DO NOT put inappropriate content into your blog, such as pornography, extreme violence, hack, plagiarized content etc.
5. DO NOT alter Adsense html codes
6. DO NOT use Adsense html codes in email, pop-up, software etc.
7. AVOID using other Advertising Company.

All the above are my personal humble opinions. It may or may not work depending on your sites. Your opinions and suggestions are welcome.

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