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CPM Publishers Network TTZ Media Review 2011-2012

CPM Publishers Network TTZ Media Review 2011-2012

TTZ Media is an advertising agency that advertises products available from other sites and it is a good avenue for a buyer to know the prices offered by the advertised products. It is sometimes difficult to place ads on TTZ on a post by post basis due to the procedures involved, most of them having to do with legalities. However, all you need in order to get into the TTZ Media network is to sign up and enable the necessary areas through the admin panel. Then go to options and then TTZ configurations page in the admin panel in order to configure your plug in settings so as to access the services on offer.

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Then you need to change your ID to that of your affiliate code. You don’t have to worry about where to find the code. It is right at the dashboard TTZ media page. Then all you have to do is create a new template. From there you can create your ads on the TTZ Media. Using a HTML link: . PPC and CPM are affiliate marketing and advertising sales programs that are effective for merchants although if not well used they may get out of hand. Pay-per-action programs are better since in other cases, merchants end up with low commission rates, making preferences to be given to CPM rates. This makes the argument sound like a boycott against an underperforming merchant which in real essence is not the case.
There are many affiliate advertising programs out there that work wonders and all that is needed is for someone to discover them. Affiliate advertising programs are very problematic once they lean more on the merchant and less on the affiliate. CPM means cost per thousand impressions while CPC means cost per click. These two types of advertising differ from CPA – CPL which is the short form for cost per action / lead.
One of the ways through which you can get into a CPA program is Affiliate fuel. Another method is called AD reporting which works for CPM as well. Once you have registered your ad, you need to choose the action which in this case it is being referred to here as program. Here you may choose between CPA, CPM CPL and so on. Ad reporting accepts payments through Paypal but Affiliate fuel does not. For affiliate fuel you can make a minimum of $25 while for Ad Reporting you can make $15.
While the payments from the former method appear to be more attractive, you have to put into consideration the fact that you will have to wait for 60 days to; have the accumulated money to be paid. In the case of Ad Reporting, you get paid every 15 days. Webmaster is the most common launching pad for Affiliate Fuel. For Ad Reporting a hundred per cent of your ad space is purchased, something that does not happen in Affiliate Fuel. For the ShareAsale package, you get to be paid through Paypal every 50 days and the minimum you get has to be $50.


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