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CPM Publishers Entrecard Network Review 2011-2012

CPM Publishers Entrecard Network Review 2011-2012

Entrecard is a not-for-sale blogging network that is responsible for leading visitors to your site. There are credits which one earns by joining entrecard and they allow you to display your ad on other blog sites. The entrecard will help bloggers in that it boosts their visitors and thus growing your audience. This will also help you in networking with other bloggers thereby increasing your general knowledge of the online business you are operating.
Entrecard will also help you in marketing your products and services making it easier for you to reach your target customers and thus you get the help you need in order for you to succeed in the online business you are running.

For advertisers, the entrecard will assist hem in self service advertising. The advertiser will not look for other means of advertising since this will provide all the advertising needs that an advertiser may require. Advertising through entrecard will reach across ten of thousands of blogs who are ready and willing to do business with you. Entrecard provides a dynamic advertising experience which will create and manage several advertising campaigns and also helps in tracking your results n the stipulated time. When choosing an entrecard you choose between CPC meant for products and services and CPM when you are building the brand. In rating CPM rates from .60 to 1.20 while the CPC rates from .40 to .80. Below are some of the entrecard traffic tips meant for your success.
Drop cards, too many of them
In order to increase your entrecard exposure you should drop your cards more often. You should drop cards to active users by starting with your inbox incase they are dropping their cards on you, you will know hat they are active. Look for the popular Entrecard users and drop cards to them.
Advertise often
By following the above step means that you will have several credits to advertise with. By picking the most popular entrecard users means that these users are getting drop everyday meaning more people are gong to see your ad thereby increasing you own exposure.
Get an attractive ad
You need an ad that is compelling and appealing to the crowd. In case you don’t have design experience there are plenty of entrecard users in the forum who will help you to design one for you. This is an advantage to entrecards because you get assistance with the smallest time limit.
Entrecard widget positioning
The reason behind entrecard is for people to advertise through it. So if you want these people to advertise on your blog or to drop cards to your widget, they should easily find it. Your widget should be placed in a prominent position normally it should be on top of your blog.
Post in the forums
Before anything else you should introduce yourself so that people will know that you plan of being an active member in the community. You have to post a few times per day and join the community section
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