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CPA Publishesr Network - Shopping Ads Review 2011-2012

CPA Publishesr Network - Shopping Ads Review 2011-2012

ShoppingAds permits one to make money by showcasing relevant merchant ads on your website. You can make money when a visitor click on the ads on you site on the CPC (cost per click) or CPA (cost per acquisition). In some cases there no need of signing up to the affiliate program because it is built in the ads that are displayed.
This is another way of making money because if a user click on the Ads by ShoppingAds link and sign up for that link then you will earn 5% of the entire amount that is generated by the user for the first six months. Your account will be top up at the end of he month through Paypal

Most people are asking themselves when they will get paid through his program. ShoppingAds normally pay on the 26th of every month and the calculation is done on 24th of every month. ShoppingAds offers both the CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per acquisition). At the moment ShoppingAds offers two payout systems which depend on your site’s location, content and traffic. For a CPA basis their Standard Publishers earn revenue because with this you are paid for any sign ups or purchases that are made following clicks on your ads. There is also the Premium Publishers which is reserved for high traffic which are normally from US and Canada based websites and earns their revenue for every valid click.
There is a common setback with the ShoppingAds based on the potential invalid clicks. This is a case whereby more than two clicks from same IP address which is normally on the same merchant link within sixty seconds. It also occurs when there are two clicks from the same IP address in one second. Another cause is when a specific IP has been flagged or if an agent that has been known to be fraud or bots so all clicks from this IP are filtered. ShoppingAds send your payments the fourth of every month through Paypal. This payment is for all the revenue that has accrued in the previous month. The minimum for earning is $50.
ShoppingAds has got affiliate program.
There is a referral link whereby anyone signing up through that link will be directed to the affiliate running the ads.
Sometimes it may occur some problems when loading up for the first time.
This is because the relevant ads would not be cached in th system but it will not take long since the ads for your keywords will be displayed. While you are trying to load your ad some of the most popular items that are from he top search engines are displayed. These ads only appear on the first load of a new keyword ad, and sometime in extremely low traffic sites. This may take sometime but before you assume hat irrelevant ads are being displayed you should give it sometime. Another commonly asked question is whether one can use the same account for multiple sites. You can use it to as many sites as you want.

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