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CPA Cost Per Action Publishers Network – Commission Junction Review 2011-2012

CPA Cost Per Action Publishers Network – Commission Junction Review 2011-2012

Commission junction is an online advertising network mainly dealing with publisher/affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where the advertiser pays the publisher for every visitor he brings in. This ad company is ready to assisting the advertisers in prospering in their businesses.

Commission junction is responsible for delivering attractive and quality services also by bonding relationships for the clients and the publishers through the effective performance record. The company mainly provides services to two parties:
The publisher- this is a person who has to promote/advertise the products or services to the visitor the client. Once the visitor fills out a form he has to pay the commission on the services offered or the products bought. This is achieved when the publisher reveals the visitor/clients ad or the link to a certain product on his/her website.

Advertisers- this is a company or person who markets there products and services on the internet, advertisers receives the made payment by the customers and remits part of it to the publishers they mainly partner with the publisher in order to have their products and services marketed at a wider scope. Publishers’ places the links associated to a given advertiser to their websites which are then displayed online to visitors/customers.
Advertiser publisher relationship

Performance based-marketing- is where the advertiser pays the publisher for bringing in the customer rather than the advertising space.
Application service provider-this is where the publisher makes the ASP to be accessed online instead of manually installing this enhances quick integration with other website.

Commission payout-this is the amount received by the publisher from the advertiser for the work done that is bringing in a customer.

CPA- abbreviation for cost per action this is the action rate set for every steps taken by the website visitor.

CMP- abbreviation for cost per thousand impressions this is the rate se for many users of that particular advertising website.

Publisher marketing ways

CJ Access- this is a reporting tool responsible for delivering all tasks needed for the management and implementation of the performance related marketing tips based on demand. This is mainly offered to medium sized to small sized advertisers reach.

CJ Vantage- this service is centered to the larger sized advertisers and medium seized. Publishing of advertisers’ products and services are done through an expert manager who carries out other functions to sustain the strong link between the publishers and the advertisers.

Income to the publishers depends on their efforts to bring in many clients to a given advertiser. The more the clients the, higher the commission.

Commission payout.

Once the advertiser gets the client, he acknowledges the publisher by accepting to fill in the form which he sent to the publisher stating the acceptance to pay.

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