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CPA Ad Publishers network – Hydra Network Review 2011-2012

CPA Ad Publishers network – Hydra Network Review 2011-2012

Hydra is the largest online advertising network where advertisers disburse online for latest patrons, leads or any other detailed movement result. It produces thousands of new clients for commercials every month and assist publishers monetize ad inventory through its performance-based ad publishing platform.

It unleashes the power of Hydra CPA (Cost Per Acquisition). In CPA online marketing, the advertiser pay a fee for each client acquired that is the result of the campaign effort. This action can either be a lead (Cost per Lead or CPL), a sale of product (Cost per Sale or CPS) or other pre-defined consumer exploit. At times they are only required to enter an email or ZIP code. Affiliate makes mass of the CPA which is salaried by the promoter.

Its advantages include:
No start-up or add-on cost for promoters.

Hydra: Ad Control fulfillment and quality guarantee

The most fashionable CPA campaigns and highest payouts for affiliates
Rave-worthy, personal, one-on-one affiliate and advertiser shore up
Proprietary, real-time campaign tracking the most precise and dependable in the industry.
The conversion rate is always 20%, it is the percentage of users who following reacting to a campaign, bring out the deed which is aspire of the operation. For instance, only one user out of five users might fill out a form for a life insurance lead. The free advertisers pay (pay out) and affiliate earn for each successfully ended consumer exploit generated by the affiliate and resigned with the promoters and affiliates own tracking if present.
More promoters are moving away from paying on thoughts (CPM or CPC) due to the speculative nature of such campaigns. In its place, advertisers are willing to reimburse considerably more to truly get a solid result from campaigns. The affiliate empowers affiliate publishers who uphold a responsive user base to earn significantly higher amounts. A consumer acquisition which one gets paid on can include a lead, a sale, sign-up or other user action required in which one is salaried for only a click. All this can be referred to as actions thus CPA- Cost per Action and others tend to call any type of Action a change.
Hydra offers three payment kinds for US-based affiliates: ACH (direct deposit), Check, and Wire. International affiliates are paid only by Wire. It is important to note that there is a $10.00 fee for domestic wires and $20.00 fee for international wires. There are minimum payments and Hydra network does not pay out until minimum affiliate earns a total $50. When one fails to meet this then the earnings are carried over until the level is attained. Incase you are based outside US then there are two payment options offered. For those in Canada can be salaried using checks which may take a week for more to get through consumer and be transported or wire transfer $20 per transfer. International affiliates living outside Canada may only be salaried through Wire Transfer.

A Client can also request for additional banners that not available on Hydra Network and still get them.
This is because the internet Direct Marketing Creative team can plan web banners, pops, emails and other materials to contest clients’ needs,

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