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Cost Per Action Publishers CPA Network – Rocket Profit Review 2011-2012

Cost Per Action Publishers CPA Network – Rocket Profit Review 2011-2012

RocketProfit is an online marketing program where anyone can join the team of advertisers and earn commissions on the sales realized from their posting of the client’s banners on either in their personal websites or personal profiles on social networking sites. On registering as an advertiser, one is allocated an account manager who you get to work under, and is available to guide and help you to succeed. Rocketprofit generates banners, emails and text information on behalf of the affiliate members on the product being advertised.
Ad types
Everyday, there are new deals that an advertiser can sign up to share ranging from travel agencies, hotel reservations, dietary supplements, and electronics to computer applications. When payment for any product advertised is confirmed by a RocketProfit link that tracks the ads, commission is credited on the advertiser. This is a Per Sale arrangement since the advertiser makes money only when a sale is made. On any given product, there is a description of the product, how much it costs the consumer to have it, as well as finer specifications on the deal like the intended market. The payable commission is quoted as the main attraction for the affiliates.
There are three types of ads that an advertiser can post on their preferred channels; Banners, email and Text information. They are available, and links to add them to your website are available on the RocketProfit website. The banners come in different sizes and one can choose depending on the space they want to dedicate to the ad on their websites.
Earning as an advertiser
On the different products that one can market, the general rule is that you earn a commission per sale realized from the specific link making it a Per Sale deal. RocketProfit however pays in a month’s arrear; commissions generated in the present month are paid out at the end of the following month. However, a minimum of $100 is payable and should you not get to this sum, then the amount will be carried forward to the following month(s). Referral bonuses are earned depending on amount in sales realized by the affiliate as well as redirection of would-be customers who get actually buy a given product. There is no ceiling to the amount that an affiliate member can earn as commissions and referral bonuses.
Payment Mode
The minimum payout as commission to the affiliate member is $100, and RocketProfit prefers to make these payments by check to the account that is provided by the affiliate member on registration. However, large affiliates like companies can be paid via electronic transfer. Payment can also be made via Paypal though this would be done at the expense of the affiliate. Applicable taxes are deducted for US affiliates.
To be an affiliate member of Rocketprofit is absolutely free and is open to both individuals and organizations. The company endeavors to do anything possible to aid affiliates make the most out of commissions, as well as its clients to boost their revenues.

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