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Clicksor Advertisment Publishers Network Review 2011-2012

Clicksor Advertisment Publishers Network Review 2011-2012

Clicksor has been since the beginning of the century a leading provider of electronic marketing and commerce solutions. Through innovative technical designs and programming this corporation has made use of the pay-per-click service to considerable success. The pay-per-click (PPC) service being a modern trend proffers a whole new world of marketing capability that when understood and applied just right may result in amazing returns. PPC relies heavily on internet technology to be effective.
The basic way in which it works is by placing of advertisements on results pages of search engines such that when one clicks on certain keywords on the pages a specified amount of payment is made. What makes this service unique is that the marketers don’t pay up front for advertising space on the results page but they only get to pay when a user clicks on their advertisements in essence they pay every time users click on the links thus pay-per-click.

Clicksor has to date improved the PPC service by customizing information on its pages to fit specific services offered by vendors. What this has done is that curious visitors who follow the links eventually become customers as the information provided in the advertisements carefully matches the products and services offered for sale to customer specific needs and requirements. This translates to relatively more business than can be gotten from other PPC providing search engines. Though other search engines are nowadays wisening up to the idea of content advertising, Clicksor having gotten an early lead still holds a clear advantage.
Clicksor uses keyword or channel matching alternatives to making advertisements. In channel matching more emphasis is placed on the website’s actual context rather than the keywords used in the advertisements on the results page. The keyword matching is more straight forward in that the keywords on advertisements are underlined such that when one passes over it a pop up banner appears giving a description of the products and services on offer. The keyword matching has been improved further to be included in the pop up banners themselves so as to stimulate more interest in visitors. The art of networking with other network affiliates is not lost to Clicksor and they have managed to make reliable relationships. This has increased their ability to reach a wider audience which has increased their turnovers. Clicksor shares profits with its affiliates readily as this has become an important part of their operations.

Clicksor has adopted radical advertising schemes to attract not only customers to their operations but other affiliates and internet operators. They offer a $5 referral reward to web masters if the referrals eventually join their affiliate program. Their streamlined and organized way of doing business endears them to the market as people understand their work easily. Since this corporation has been at the profession for a good time they have learnt the advantage of doing speedy work and as such picking up of new clients and publishing their advertisements can be done in the space of 24 hours and also the termination of accounts is done just as quickly upon submission of a written notice.
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