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Casale Media Ad Publishers Network Reviews 2011-2012

Casale Media Ad Publishers Network Reviews 2011-2012

A custom network is a subnet of the website in the network that assembles a company’s precise audience and content targeting requirements. The sites that are involved are only those that catalog against your objective demographics and the delivery of once campaign is confined to the tradition division of websites.

Casale Media assist agencies thrive by helping their clients thrive by providing direct access to more worth online media than any other network. The company’s sensitivity to the requirements of its clients is apparent in everything from the content controls and severe spot classification, to flexible processes and quick reply times. It works directly with media planners by offering them with the information they need to successfully develop client campaigns. The account manager is usually available to give the information required at a given time from specific channel demographics to reach and frequency figures. The final goal being to exceed expectations and to deliver results that makes one buffs in the eyes of the clients.

The benefits are that it allows one to target your movement across the network more professionally, an excellent choice for sorting campaigns where the main concern is generating awareness through eligible exposure. The clients’ ads only become visible on locations approved by them and that gather the brand’s specific needs ensuring a secure and successful online advertising experience.

Casale media always spend the clients’ advertising dollars to attain outstanding returns on their trade objectives, and they continually check their performance against all competitive market actions to make certain they uphold their location. As more finances are allocated to the interactive channel, it is becoming ever more essential to show the performance of these savings. They build this responsibility into every media plan developed and every media buy executed.

The services offered are as follows:

Media strategy definition: the company understands online media intimately, it offers its clients with a level of understanding and savvy that only 10+ years in the online media business can generate. They understand what variable perform in what situations and with what products to create the finest results.

Media plan development: A general plan to tackle the clients’ precise objective listeners, campaign objectives and campaign strategy is developed. The most planned mix of ad units, regularities and formats is suggested within each.

Media negotiation, purchasing and placement: the joined leverage, relationships, experience and negotiation expertise allows locking appointments both time and cost-efficiently.

Performance quantification and measurement: This is the final media plan that is organized to easily track, test and optimize campaign variables involving precise sites, site categories, ad units, creative executions, day parts and demographic variables.
Casale Media® labors with top journals in every chief group presenting highly gorgeous direct options with marvelous scale. Through a single point of getting in touch, advertisers can contact any section of their global viewers using the most suitable targeted online channels. At a glance, Media Net® features:
Highly optimized ad placement
Precise viewers goals
Premium excellence media
Over 3,500 top-rated websites
100+ content interest channels

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