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Burst Media CPM Publishers Network Latest Review 2011-2012

Burst Media CPM Publishers Network Latest Review 2011-2012

Burst media appreciates that the market is highly segmented with different tastes and limited time to sort out what is most appropriate and as such is reaching out to online advertisers and web publishers to enable them to make that connection. The company seeks to understand from the publishers and advertisers the targeted audience and having established networks for long, the experts then get to package the available offers to match the different classes of prospective clientele.

The campaigns for the different audience sections are approached differently by analyzing site level and 3rd party data to understand the audience, and create a custom network that would suit the specific target group. Having developed such networks for over 13 years, Burst Media boasts of the relevant market understanding.

There is an extensive range of specialty-content networks of websites that are finely segmented according to target audience. The expertise gained has enable Burst Media to understand every publisher individually so as to offer just the support they need to deliver great content to a highly segmented audience. It is important to appreciate the value of clear content that is category specific.
The existing networks of direct marketers and the publishers whose success has been established by Burst Media offer an additional potential market as well as acting as a direct-marketing force, while the dedicated sales force would enable a publisher to run a campaign to sell through and thereby maximizing revenues.

Advertisers will be sure to directly target from the established brand distribution network and full disclosure of their websites while the expertise gained in the business enables each of them to access audience-focused networks. Other direct benefits include very high exposure unique visitors from across the world.
Ads placed on websites to deliver the desired results, where the advertiser mostly incurs a cost per action (CPA) often though other pricing models are also available. This makes any payments to Burst Media accounted for against results that can be readily measured. On-going reevaluation is done to find the most responsive of audience and respond to this demand. By joining Burst Media, advertisers are assured of reach to the target audience and wide number of sites, both at the same time.

Different pricing models are available to the clients and they are: cost per click (CPC), cost per mille (CPM) and cost per action (CPA). Under CPC, the client incurs a cost every time the ad is clicked on while under CPM, payment is made as a commission on $1000 sale, however the cost per action (CPA) gives the publishers and advertisers real value for money considering a cost is only incurred when a result in sale has been achieved. The managers are readily available to guide the clients on each of the payment option.

The feedback and monitoring technology available to both advertisers and publishers makes it easy to appreciate the
performance of any campaign. It is therefore possible for a client to have an input in deciding what works best.

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