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Banner Connect Network Publishers Network Review & Tricks 2011-2012

Banner Connect Network Publishers Network Review & Tricks 2011-2012

This is a network born of much online research spilling to over a decade, it is based on the slogan “Customer service and Satisfaction”, it offers communication services and the best market rates in European and United States. To the advertisers and publishers it offers up to date technologies and excellent advertising deals.
The strength of this company lies in the integrated skills and knowledge from the international liaison.

The main work is online publishing and advertising with reach of services in the broad marketing and public relations. Their work is vast and complete with a lot of regard in the international arena with the following players:

The network provides world wide placement for them with exclusive sales and deals both in Europe, USA and the outside. The staff is ever ready to respond to queries within 24hrs in order to fix any technical issues. Before one becomes an advertiser he provides his precise specifications and they are followed until they are realized, it may sound rather hefty to respond to over 350 leading advertisers and a lot to think about but it is fulfilled.
This is mostly used by the publisher and the advertisers, it’s meant to deliver quality advertisements to the publishers who may demand the very best for their pages to deliver quality advertisements. They have deployed the best advertisement campaigns that change as per the target group and the area. By combining both resources and experience, they handle deals to a conclusion and these grantees them to pursue network expansion to cover well it’s over 2500 publishers.

The publishers are usually from the single interest groups or international groups; BannerConnect empowers them as much as possible from their traffics. With good coverage they always pay their publishers or the content goes in unwanted creative. As a partner in advertising, they do traffic analysis and the advertisement optimization.
With the use of latest technology, the publishers and the advertisers receives the most up to date services, BannerConnect’s latest advances enables the screening of every single advertisement before it enters the creative rotation. With the dynamic CPM, advertisers never pays above specified ratio and the publishers gets full report on the matters of earning and quality levels.
General properties

CPM is interpreted in a way that every body is charged a certain amount per one thousand impressions the campaign receives, this is worked out in mathematics models
Charges are debited as per the click, such that every time a user clicks on a banner, it goes to the website. During this period, action varies.

BannerConnect does not require a minimum budget for all countries, but out of the experience, it is not realistic to compare two countries like US and Barbados thus a fair budget request is provided to all.
To all new clients, the network company requires a credit reference or pre-payment; for the credit reference it is accepted if it has at least three partners and the bank. The highest payment terms are NET 30, done by wire or pay pal
However, BannerConnect is not a very old network; it is publisher and advertiser oriented, with much skills and reforms being geared to creating a good business environment.

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