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Agloco CPM Publishers Latest Review & Earning Tricks 2011-2012

Agloco CPM Publishers Latest Review & Earning Tricks 2011-2012

About the AD Network is an advertisement company. They have come up with a view bar software that the advertiser pays for thus in the process paying for advert. Through this view bar one is able view ads and when they click on the ad it accumulates money for referral for the company.
Income Options
One can earn money with by earning money when they sell the view bars to the advertisers. One also makes money when a person registered with agloco buys a product or a service from an advertiser.

One also earns cash when they refer someone to the network. You start building a referral network when you start inviting people. You not only benefit cash wise when you refer people but you also get agloco shares.

Payments Mode and Time of Payment

This network does their payment via check and it is paid out monthly. When you start referring people to the network you start earning shares. The shares have a market value of $2. Thus the more you will continue referring people to the aglocobanners the more your are earning in terms of shares.

AD Types
Agloco does it advertisement mostly using the view bar that they have provided for download. But even after the view bar has been sold they still continue earning money through it when a sale is made. But the most common form of advertising that they have as their name suggested is banners. They have different types of banners that they use for adverts namely:
Half Banners
Vertical banners
Leader boards
Wide skyscrapers
Small rectangle
Medium rectangles
Large rectangles

The difference with the banners they use for their advertisements is the sizes. But the advertisement charges are different because the banner sizes and the designs for those banners are also done differently.
The banners appear as a pop up ads indifferent sites but always with a correlation of what the viewer was viewing in the site initial or at that particular moment. Apart from the banners appearing like pop up ads, they also big banners that appear on the page and are very dominant.
Mode of AD’s use CPC (Cost per Click) as their mode of advertisement. This is because they charge the advertiser every time some one clicks on the banner in the viewing area.
They also use CPV (Cost per View). They do their marketing through the use of banners only and they will charge the advertiser every time the banner is displayed and in every site. In this method the client will opt to inject more money in a site which has lots of traffic.
Other programs
No only does deal with the coming up of adverts in the banners but it also has subsidiary sites that deal with the trading of stocks and securities. Through that site which they have linked to the site, they give people stock quotations and stock trading tips and lessons.

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