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Adtoll Publishers Network Review 2011-2012

Adtoll Publishers Network Review 2011-2012

Adtoll is a site created to offer online advertising at a fee. The first option is to fix price Sponsored Ads or Cost-Per-Click (CPC). Once you book your ad spaces and clear the fee payment your ad is uploaded within 20 minutes of receipt.
Payments can be made using Papal or one of the widely accepted Credit Cards. Adtoll boost of being able to provide new Pic Text ads, video ads and banners in a variety of sizes unlike their competitors. They also allow users placing ads to target market in specific regions.

Surprisingly, every new client registered with Adtoll is assigned a support manager. The manager supports the user in setting up the ad efficiently to maximize its efficiency. For advertisers who want to use banners, Adtoll recommend the user to consult with Banners World, who has been their business associates for many years. Adtoll recommend Banners world as expert ad-banner designers. After Banners World has designed the banner for the advertiser it can be forwarded to Adtoll for online uploading.
Adtoll also suggest that they have various ways of directing a massive traffic of internet users to their website. They have stated that they are able to attract most internet users navigating the internet around the globe to land on their site. Adtoll give a guarantee to advertisers that their ads on the Adtoll website will be viewed by most users online. They state that they have expertise and tactics of luring internet traffic around the globe round the clock to their site. With this guarantee the have been able to attract many advertisers to sign up and get registered as their clients.
Adtoll also offers those who have their own website an opportunity for one to sell ads on their sites. The site owner needs the ability to alter HTML. Requirements of the websites are; it has to have useful content; promote legal activities, be active, well functional and of good quality. Adtoll assist you to sell ads on your sites. The pricing of the ads are one’s own decision but it’s recommended that you sell your ads at reasonable rates. You are paid 75% of the sales of the ads on your site. 25% is charge by Adtoll as service fee for maintenance, support and marketing.
Adtoll can also provide a numbers of group related ads to be advertised on your site. The individual rotation is what is referred to as an ad group. Each ad group is set up in a specific area on your site. You are then left to decide on the terms and rates of advertising. This decision is entirely up to you but you are advised to consult with the Adtoll manager assigned to you before making major decisions. This is because some decisions are very sensitive and may require professional consultation. An HTML code is provided to you by Adtoll to enable you service the ads on your site at any time.
Most of the site management decisions will be made by you. You are provided with Ad Group layout tool and Ad placement recommendation guide. This is said to have all the details you need to help you in the management of the Ad group on your site. After reading the guide you can decide on the dimensions that you need to have on your site. One can have as many as 30 ads on rotation. Other services provides by Adtoll include Affiliate Program which allows you to make money by referring other users to Adtoll. One can also benefit from auto pricing, a system which automatically determines the price of the ads on your site.

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