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AdGridwork CPC Publishers Latest Review & Tricks , Tips 2011-2012

AdGridwork CPC Publishers Latest Review & Tricks , Tips 2011-2012

Ad gridwork review is and advertising network offering free adverting. No single penny is paid for the advertising space. This ad network came in existence in time of minimal advertising space on the internet hence due charges levied on advertisement space hence it came in and decided to offer a free roll out.

This ad network offers advertisement for your website through other websites.
It offers choice on the type of site you wish your site advertised on.

Tracking: whereby the information about people who viewed your site is given to you.

CPA – Abbreviation for cost per action this is the action rate set for every steps taken by the website visitor.

CPM – Abbreviation for cost per thousand impressions this is the rate set for many users of that particular advertising website.

Adgridwork compensate the website advertisers through proving them with free advertising space and not cash exchange. It uses Google like technology to display there adverts.
The ad network uses ad exchange using various links to other networks this feature has an upper hand over the manual advertising on the networks, this is because there are perfect resources for the publishers lacking funds to advertise. By using ad links one can be able to boost the traffic of his/her less advertised site using the most advertised site by interlinking the two.
Merit for adgridwork network is, you can obtain the advert space directly without going through other parties. This squares out the idea of doubt.
Features :

Despite the network getting a high number of publishers, they reduce the burden with other exchange links and its growing capability.
Targeted traffic here users have a choice to define the category in which they whish to place their ads.
Ranking system websites that are mostly viewed appear on the other websites more often hence this offers encouragement to the publishers to find the right way of promoting their ad work not just throwing them in the ad categories without order.
Easy to join publishers quickly and easily fill the application form without experiencing problems and is letter directed to the control panel.
Features adgridwork has fun features which make it appear so attractive and hence faster eye capture.
Reflect that adgridwork is a 100% free advertising site. It offers services to, miner businesses, logger, and other targeted sites this people in return offers same free advertisement space in their websites to other people hence becoming a free website.

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