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Top TEN-10 worst Bollywood films of 2009-2010

Top TEN-10 worst Bollywood films of 2009-2010

Shilpa Jamkhandikar looks back at the year that was and picks the 10 films that didn’t really do Bollywood any favours. And here they are in random order -


veerSalman Khan obviously hasn’t inherited any writing talent from father Salim Khan. The actor wrote the script for this excruciatingly bad film that had scenes like Mithun Chakraborty and Neena Gupta almost making out in front of their grown sons, some really corny dialogue and a not-so-good Katrina Kaif lookalike for a leading lady.


Khatta MeethaThe director couldn’t decide what he was making: a black comedy, a farce or a social commentary? You have a cold-blooded murder in the first fifteen minutes, marital rape, murder and tomfoolery all by the same characters. Perhaps Priyadarshan was going through some serious mood swings while making this one.


actionreplayyAnother long line of Akshay Kumar flops — this time with a bad haircut to add to the misery. Director Vipul Shah tried to take us to the Mumbai of the 70s where apparently everything, from rock concerts to picnics, happened right in front of the iconic CST station. Zero authenticity, over-the-top performances and haphazard direction.


Jhootha Hi SahiThere are a lot of things you can do for love but director Abbas Tyrewala showed that he was above ordinary stuff. He went ahead and made a film for his wife (Pakhi) but it turned out to be one of the most abysmal movies ever. After watching this excuse for a film, that featured John Abraham as a bookshop owner who moonlights as a one-man suicide helpline, I had serious doubts about Tyrewala’s love for his wife. I wouldn’t wish this movie on my enemy.


Anjaana AnjaaniThis one has lead characters who want to kill themselves. Unfortunately, they only threaten to do it, never executing their threats, which means the audience is bored out of their mind as Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor embark on a road trip around America (they are supposed to be jobless in the film), set sail on a yacht and party in Las Vegas, suicide long forgotten. No chemistry, bad writing and bad performances too. Bad, bad, bad.


AashayeinWhether director Nagesh Kukunoor wanted to make the modern-day “Anand”, I don’t know, but he would have done well to watch Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s movies and take a few pointers on how to deal with death. John Abraham featured as a terminal cancer patient who has an Indiana Jones hangover and wants to make a difference in other people’s lives before he passes on. For a movie that dealt with death, I had no emotional involvement in the characters or their lives. The film was slightly better made than a school play.


RaavanFor a movie that looked so good in its promos and had one of our best directors at the helm, “Raavan” was nothing short of a colossal disappointment. And the worst part is, the direction was the weakest link in what was otherwise a beautifully shot film. Ratnam’s modern retelling of an epic, from the villain’s point of view was a good idea, but the execution failed. Perhaps the year’s biggest disappointment.


PaathshaalaI cannot remember much about this film, except that Shahid Kapur played a school teacher in a school which wants its students to take part in reality TV shows rather than study. Enough said.


Golmaal 3This is what comedies have come to in Bollywood. Farting gorillas, dog biting a man’s backside and characters named Aakhri Pasta (because he’s half Italian, you see). Abysmal and of the lowest quality. Give me the Amol Palekar “Golmaal” any day. 2010 was definitely not the year for comedy. Let’s hope next year is better.


Dulha Mil GayaThis is one of those so-bad-it’s-good movies. Fardeen Khan is called Donsai and Sushmita Sen is called Shimmer and poor Shah Rukh Khan is stuck with a cameo in the most dated film of 2010. This one should be part of a bad movie marathon.

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