Saturday, August 27, 2011

Top TEN-10 Video Game Websites

Top TEN-10 Video Game Websites

Top 10 Video Games Websites Based on Monthly Viewers. This list gives you a one stop access to world's best websites where millions of users visit daily to check reviews, previews and latest updates of new games launched.

Top 10 Video Game websites

1. Yahoo! Games

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor: 22,000,000

Description: A product of Yahoo! contains reviews, previews, codes and downloads.

2. ign

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor:20,500,000

Description: Includes reviews, previews, features, codes and a Gamestore.

3. Gamespot

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor:20,000,000

Description: Includes reviews, FAQs, gamesguide, previews, screenshots and movies.

4. GameFAQs

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor:12,500,000

Description: Includes FAqs, Walkthroughs, Codes for all and message boards.

5. Game Trailers

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor:6,450,000

Description: Collection of new and old games trailers, reviews, teasers and downloads.

6. Kotaku

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor:4,300,000

Description: News, reviews, previews, screenshots and downloads.

7. CheatCC

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor:3,500,000

Description: Contains cheats, codes, saved games and guides for computer games and consoles.

8. GamesRadar

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor:3,000,000

Description: Reviews, downloads, codes and previews for multiple gaming platforms.

9. 1Up

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor:2,900,000

Description: It is a gaming and social networking site. Best for gamers all over the world.

10. Gamespy

Estimated Unique Monthly Visitor:2,850,000

Description: Discussion forms, reviews, previews, downloads for new and old games.

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