Saturday, August 27, 2011

Top TEN-10 Twitter Tools For Twitter Freaks

Top TEN-10 Twitter Tools For Twitter Freaks

1. Twellow : It is huge database of all Twitter users organised in a very nice way. Here you can easily find the people you want to follow and also be able to get some related followers.

2. Tweetlater: This is a absolutely great tool where you can fix specific time to get you tweets to be published.

3. TwitExplorer: This allows you to manage your twitter account in a effective and better way than from regular twitter page.

4. Twitter Gallery: Very nice service which offers you a gallery of themes to be applied on your twitter account page.

5. Tweetr: This is a desktop applivation for windows and Mac Pc which allows you yo update status, upload files, read tweets, direct messages and many more right from yyur desktop. No need to visit website every time.

6. Twitterholic: This is great tool to find most popular tweets and users on this service. Allowing you to follow popular persons and discover how they become popular.

7. TwitThis: It is an easy way to send messages about your website or blog.

8. Twitrans: This twitter application is developed by One Hour Translation ltd. This helps in translating your tweets to a language of your choice.

9. Read my Tweets: You read my tweets and I will read your's. A great tool to find related tweets from many users on twitter

10. Mr. Tweet: It helps you to bulid meaning ful relationships with the help of your Twitter networks and tweets . Very useful to discover related people to you.

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