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Top TEN-10 Sports Brands In the World- World top Sports Brands 2011-2012

Top TEN-10 Sports Brands In the World- World top Sports Brands 2011-2012

This article is a summary of Top 10 Sports brands in the world. Although there are many sports brands but the listed below are top 10 among all which is shown by the value of the brand. So, here is the simple list of Top 10 Sports brands.

1. Nike

Nike stands the list with brand value of $10.7 billion. It is the largest manufacturer

of sports equipments and world's leading supplier of shoes and apparel.


The Entertainment and Sports Program Network usually referred as ESPN is an American Cable Network focused mainly on sports related channels. With Brand value of $10.5 Billion dollar, this network charges cable operators a monthly fee of approx $4 per subscriber, the highest among U.S other basic channels.

3. Adidas:

Adidas is a German sports apparel manufacturer. The"Three parallel bars"(logo of this company) appears on the uniforms of almost 350 professional and national soccer, rugby, basketball and cricket teams. The brand Value of this company is $7.3 billion

4. Gatorade4: Gatorade is the sports drink manufactured and marketed by PepsiCo. It is the 4th largest brand of Pepsico and has a brand value of $6.4 billion. Gatorade accounts for 75% of market share in the sports drink industry 3.5 times that of its rival Coca-Cola Powerade.

5. Reebok:

With brand value of $2 billion this company is now a subsidiary of ADIDAS. Reebok is the official uniform provider of the National Football League, National Hockey League and

Canadian Football League.

6. Sky Sports:

Owned bt British Sky Broadcasting company, Sky Sports is a Britain's answer to ESPN. Its brand value is $1.3 billion

7. EA Sports:

Worth $770 million it is a largest and best selling sports video game company. Owned by Electronic arts, it has taken a gaming to new level.

8. Under Armour: Under armour is an apparel manufacturing company best known for its moisture wicking clothing designes to wear under sports jersey. These anti-moisture shirts became so popular that it caused the defence department to change their wardrobe regulations. Its brand value is $530 million

9. Yes Network:

Brand Value of $525 million YES, the cable home of the New York Yankees and New Jersey Nets, is the highest-rated regional sports network in the United States.

10. IMG:

Brand Value of $400 million IMG has made a big push into college sports in recent years, striking multimedia deals with 19 athletic departments, including powerhouses Texas and Ohio State.

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