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Top TEN-10 National Parks of India

Top TEN-10 National Parks of India

Corbett National Park :
Established in 1936, Corbett National Park is India's first ecopark. Spanning across the span of 920.9 square km, Corbett National Park is India's most popular national park of India. This ecopark is famous for Tigers and encompasses 110 tree species, 50 mammals species, 580 bird species and 25 reptile species.

Kaziranga National Park:
Based on banks of Brahmputra River, Kaziranga National Park spans over an area of 430 sq kms. The national park houses the famous one horned rhinos. This national park comes under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India.

Periyar National Park:
Located in Kerala, Periyar National Park is the most visited ecoparks of India. Spanning over 350 sq km, Periyar National Park is known for encompassing two majestic mammals – Elephants and Tiger. It is a known Tiger Reserve in Kerala India.

Sariska Tiger Reserve:
Established as National Park in 1979, Sariska National Park in Rajasthan is famous for housing Tigers. The national park supports varied flora and fuana. The Kankwari Fort, The Palace and the Shiv Temple are the famous tourist attractions of this park.

Sundarbans National Park:
Created in 1973, the core area of Sunderban was declared a National Park in 1984. Sunderban National Park dots the West Bengal region of India. It was declared a Biosphere Reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Dhudhwa National Park:
It is a Tiger Reserve located in Lakhim Pur Kgeei District of Uttar Pradesh. Spanning over an area of 81 sq kms, Dhudhwa National Park in India 38 species of Mammal, 16 species of Reptiles and many species of Birds.

Valley of Flowers:
Valley of Flowes is located in the Chamoli District of Uttranchal and is one of the very few places in India where God have showered his immense blessings. Spanning over an area of 87.5 Sq. Kms, the Valley of Flower was declared a National Park in the year 1982.

Hemis National Park:
Located in Hemis National Parks of India, it is situated 40 km southeast of Leh. Spanning over an area of 4,100 sq km, Hemis National Park was founded in 1981.

Gir Wildlife Sanctuary:
Established in 1965, Gir Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area of 2450 hectares of area. It is known for housing a yet another majestic mammal – Indian Lion. It is a haven encompassing around 300 Tigers in its vicinity.

Kanha National Park:
Home for Tigers, Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh was created in 1974 under Project Tiger. Spanning over an area of 940 sq kms, Kanha National Park houses the largest population of Tigers in India.

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