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Top TEN-10 Action Stars Acting Comedy Roles

Top TEN-10 Action Stars Acting Comedy Roles

Who would have thought that a smooth, macho men do action films can spontaneously give comic role in the justice it deserves? There are too many stereotypes and other actors in a new genre that, to avoid doing these roles for the simple reason that they do not want to undo the players themselves seriously. However, there have been many efforts in recent decades, the stars of the Arts is designed to be more versatile than a simple flying kicks and karate chops. After all, a great artist in a little 'humor, you will make some of the wonders of film. In fact, when comic role has always been thought to be a more difficult task that the job properly. They failed comedians or not, here's the Top Ten most popular action stars have had a memorable role in the comedy.

10. Nick Nolte

As an artist, would always be better known by the tendency of film, and Nick Nolte was one of the players, which led to the "Buddy Cop" films, which later emerged in the market. 48 hours is a huge success, and it was a movie, which is defined as a diversity Actor Nolte and influence.

9. Mel Gibson

When you think of action movies, there's an actor that is also part of the list, and this is Mel Gibson. Even if he does not just describe the role that plays hard, certainly had a dramatic impact of humor in the Lethal Weapon series.

8. Bruce Willis

There are players who have left the boob tube in mainstream films, and one of the most successful names would be Bruce Willis. In fact, it began as a comic actor in the television series Black, where he established his name as an actor. But it was the small budget film Die Hard, where he was recognized as one of Hollywood action star. Of course, when he started in comedy roles, he never wavered in his goal of acting for such films. Death becomes her Whole Nine Yards, he is recognized as a player who enjoys her gender and status. In addition, he played in the voices of children talking Look, and after him.

Top TEN-10 Action Stars Acting Comedy Roles

Who would have ever thought that smooth macho men doing action flicks could spontaneously give a comedic role the justice it deserves? There are far too many stereotyped actors of the new genre that avoid doing these roles for the simple reason they do not want to invalidate themselves as serious actors. Nevertheless, there have been many action stars for the past few decades that have crafted their arts to be more versatile than just flying kicks and karate chops. After all, for great artists the little bit of humor to the act will do some wonders for the films. In fact, being in a comedic role has always been thought to be a harder task than acting seriously. Whether they have failed as comedic actors or not, here are the most popular top ten action stars that have play memorable comedic roles.

7. Tom Cruise

Versatility has been described as part of the portfolio of one of the handsomest man in Hollywood. Therefore, it seems perfect for the actor who started as an idol and has become an action star for comic roles on the road to stardom. Despite its role in the comedy was not quite so funny, that involves making a man remembered as loose and funny in Risky Business, Jerry Maguire, and cocktails.

6. Harrison Ford

There are actors who have made a difference when playing the role of law or for those who do crafts. Harrison Ford is one of the biggest names in Hollywood and is one of the most successful. With a range of craft his art, he has participated in comic roles, too. One of the most unforgettable roles, he played Jack has trained in the romantic comedy Working Girl.

5. Eddie Murphy

Although no one is actually classified as a star of action, has made numerous films, which in practice are in this category. However, Eddie Murphy is known for a lot of slapstick type of work that encourages laughter without being shy. Some of the funniest roles of action was involved in the role of Beverly Hills Cops and 48 hours, Nick Nolte.

4. Sylvester Stallone

The actress, who started a soft-core porn videos, 1970, has built his image is one of the most sought-after stars in action 70 and 80 with unforgettable roles in Rambo and Rocky. These roles of practice, has landed on the list of players to watch Hollywood movies. However, in 1990, decided to develop his craft and join the battle action star in comedy films such as Oscar and "Stop!, Or My Mom Will Shoot." Although the act seemed to jump into the fray at the box office failure, the roles he played were definitely mentioned. Moreover, surely remember him to be nominated for Worst Actor Razzie Awards.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Commando recall Terminator, Predator and Total. These are some movies that have never known unless you kill, will result in the star, Arnold Schwarzenegger. These roles were simply referred to him and made him a star, then and now. Of course, diversity has always been in his vocabulary, and has followed these great roles in some of the most memorable and successful comedy films in the '80s and early '90s. Those who forget the role he played in twins? What about Kindergarten Cop and the Last Action Hero? His descriptions of these roles was certainly not perfect in his strong accent and a strong appeal to the macho, but it certainly added to our class, that these films are needed.

2. Jackie Chan

When you think of martial arts movies, there is a name that stands out from the rest. Jackie Chan has been one of the most successful Asian players, who have infiltrated mainstream Hollywood movies. The star of films, which were very successful in Asia, came to Hollywood in 1995 for the film market Rumble in the Bronx. This film may be the most popular species like Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon. A very active personality, who exudes confidence and awkwardness, at the same time, North America and the world warmly accepted by the Asian star on their screens. If you want a film that tells the truth of fun and pleasure to the movies, then Jackie Chan should have.

1. Will Smith

While Bruce Willis is considered one of the stars of action a few who made the transition from television to cinema, there is another star of action that can be considered as having the same or is no more value than it did. Will smith is one of the stars of the most popular action films that have been successful at the box office in the last two decades. What's so funny about it is that it started in a Comedy Series, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and moved to action movie like a star. It is one of the most famous stars who have been declared as one of the biggest movie stars in the world. Some of the most acclaimed comic roles he portrayed include men in Black and Bad Boys.

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