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Top ONE-TEN-10 Most Beautiful Female Reporters 2011-2012

Top ONE-TEN-10 Most Beautiful Female Reporters 2011-2012

Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Sports Reporters 2011These women are articulate and knowledgeable about sports,but for the most part men find them very attractive.The most popular sports reporter is also the hottest on this list. Erin Andrews is the face of female sports reporting and has become a major part of the ESPN presentation for many reasons.

1. Sara Carbonero

Spanish TV presenter,Sara Carbonero. The most beautiful face we saw in the whole World Cup tournament with her natural journalistic ability. And we got to see it often, thankfully. Plus, that whole ending with Casillas kissing her in front of the whole world, it was just damn good television.


Heidi is Boston Red Sox on-field reporter for NESN.If Heidi Watney wasn’t at the top of your list before, she should be now.This beautiful blonde bombshell has only a few good shots available but the ones she has are just plain breathtaking.


ESPN and WBAP sportscaster,popular among male sports fans for her beauty.Voted “America’s Sexiest Sportscaster” by Playboy magazine In 2007 and 2008.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words,If there is any girl with a bigger love for jeans than Miss Jean it has to be Ines Sainz. Ines,Mexican sports reporter for TV Azteca is well known for her voluptuous figure in jeans.Ines makes jeans look great. There was an allegations unleashed by some media maelstrom over what constitutes sexual harassment on Ines by the New York Jets players but Ines said she didn’t make the sexual harassment charge against the players.


This is Jenn Sterger, dubbed the “hottest college football fan in the world.” On the side of her being a sports journalist, Sterger is an actor too. Even though she’s from Miami, she’s a big-time Florida State Seminoles fan. Maybe the FSU kickers were looking at Sterger on all those wide kicks in the rivalry.


This former Florida Gator has seen her career take off. She’s seen all over college sports right now and we have no problem with that.ESPN has developed her into a top-notch reporter and she’s one of the best looking in the business to boot. Men will certainly be tuning into ESPNU even more now than ever.


Molly Qerim, currently employed by Versus, has already been around the block. No, not in that way.Or maybe, but really I mean that she’s worked for CBS and ESPN already in her young career as well.


No way, another Mexican TV “reporter? Color me shocked. Gonzalez worked for TV Azteca’s rival, Televisa for the 2008 Super Bowl. She’s also competed for Miss Universe 2003, modeled, and acted the last few years.


Versus’s blond bombshell has had an interesting young career to date and her rise to stardom is coming. Thompson, now the main on-ice NHL reporter for Versus, is more than just another pretty face. Her tall appearance has NHL stars often looking up at her. Most certainly, this girl has it all and then some. She’s only 28 and is still growing. Her ability to report on various sports makes her an even bigger attraction than she already is. That’s a woman right there.


Let’s face it: If you have a problem with a sportscaster looking like this, you’re just sick.Jill,former college football sportcaster for ESPN.She currently hosts Totally Nascar, College Football Saturday Preview, and Verizon NFL Mobile Updates on FOX Sports

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