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Top 10 Real Estate Property Investment Research Firms in India

Top 10 Real Estate Property Investment Research Firms in India

1. The-HinduThe Hindu Business Line. Free-to-access news on the real estate sector from the Hindu, a privileged daily based in Chennai. The wide-ranging news content has a dedicated property and construction part as well as economic and political stories.

2. RBI Reserve Bank of India ownership guide. Eligibility for ownership of land and property is a main issue in the Indian property market. This is a brief and clearly explained article of the rules and regulations binding property ownership in India. Eligibility, transfer of ownership and inheritance are just few of the topics covered.

3. Exchange4mediaRealty Plus Magazine - Indian consumer publication formed by Exchange4Media. Anyone zero with the domestic Indian property market will find a good deal of insight with its regional profiles, interviews and new development news. Though the print version is unavailable internationally currently, the website and a subscription newsletter are free to access.

4. IndiapropertyProperty Bytes – Comprehensive blog, done by Indian property portal, including a wide range of real estate-related topics, from land prices to interiors and home loans. A detailed archive is being expanded daily by a healthy number of up-to-the-minute articles.

5. Indian-real-estate-forumIndian Real Estate Forum - A busy forum with a volume of active threads on developments, news, famous locations and common enquiries – a right place to get what consumers and the trade are speaking about.

6. global-property-guideGlobal Property Guide India Buying Guide - The most concise summary of the purchasing process and typical costs included in buying and selling property in India that we’ve found. The wealth of other data (very recently updated) that is available free-of-charge is a bonus, for investors and professionals alike.

7. NRI-Realty-newsNRI Realty News - US-based website with property and investment documents focused at an NRI audience. The articles about domestic and international markets, with unique focus on India, and other finance-related topics affecting the Indian expat audience, such as tax and banking. The city guides appeal to the non-NRI visitor.

8. UK-Trade-investmentUK Trade & Investment “Doing Business” brochure - The India section of the UK Trade and Investment site doesn’t have more to provide particularly for the real estate professional, but this free brochure is an wonderful general guide to business etiquette and culture in the country. When it comes to doing faux pas, prevention is often preferable to cure, specifically in India, where “sari” always seems to be the hardest word.

9. CityScape-indiaCityscape India 2008 - Exhibitions can be a right source of leads. The organizers boast that over 5,000 people entered last year’s show, a B2B event concentrated on all sectors of property development in India. The Mumbai-based show took place in December this year. MIPIM and REIW also organize frequent trade-facing events including the Indian real estate market. Those agents who wish to investigate potential partners on a smaller scale could also attend one of a number of local consumer Indian property shows like those in London and Dubai in the mean time.

10. IndiaCatalogComIndia Catalog City Guides - Definitely not the beautiful website in the world, it does have a quantum of general guides to India’s major cities, which should give the uninitiated with an overview of potential property hotspots. There are few useful directories on the site too.

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