Friday, July 8, 2011

Viewbestads - Genuine part time job

Viewbestads - Genuine part time job

Dear Friends,

* A Genuine part time job online based available to all.
* Part time job with out any investment here.
* Its an Indian site and reputed website too.
* Dont miss this opportunity.
* So Join today and Earn lots of money from this moment.
* Daily 15 mins work in computer thats all...

1.Register Here -

2. You should check your email id inbox and spam box.

3. There is an activation link. press activation link, now original site will open.

4. Top Right corner your referral id is mentioned there. You should use that id for refering your friends and relatives to join.

5. Now site asks you to profile update. After update your profile, work starts.

6. Daily Visit 15 mints. 20 days continously you visit you got Rs. 200 extra every month.

7. Every referrals you got Rs. 50/-. This amount will be credited in your account statement, at the end of the month, subject to your active direct referral completes his 20 active days out of first 45 days after joining our site.

8. You can check ur balance in "Account Statement menu".

9. When u earned Rs. 1,200 then u can able to encash ur amount, company will sent cheque to ur address.

In"VIEW Menu"
1. See View Ads [Ex. 5 Ads]
2. See Today's Positive News [Ex. 2 News]
3. Play Quiz Programme. [10 Objective GK Questions]
Note: There is 100 quiz questions but no need to play all, just attend 10 questions its enough

1. Daily Active Work amount Rs. 10 [20 days Rs. 200] every month guaranteed.
2. Every Referrals Rs. 50. [End of the Month]. Every referrals [worked 20 days from the date of joining] you got Rs.50.
3. Reward Amount Daily [Rs. 2 to 100]

Please check the Activity amount daily in the Account statement.
If not credited then you have missed something from seeing ads.
so please see all ads.

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