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TOP CPA Networks – Neverblue Website Review Tips 2012

TOP CPA Networks – Neverblue Website Review Tips 2012

About the AD Network is an advertisement network uses affiliates/ publishers to market its clientele. brings to the advertisers a large number of competent affiliates/ publishers that are able to market the advertiser far and wide. They use different forms of marketing strategies to reach out to the market e.g. email, search engine etc.

Income Options gets affiliates/ publishers to register with them. After they register they then use the affiliates to market the products or services of the advertiser through them and only pay the affiliate when a sale or a lead is generated.
Payments Mode and Time of Payment
This network does their payment via check but on special case they also do payment via PayPal and wire transfer. The payment is done at the end of every working month or even bi weekly or weekly depending on the arrangement you have made with you manager
AD Types uses their affiliates to advertise. These affiliates use different types of adds to reach to its clientele. These are:

1. Search engine marketing
2. Email marketing
3. Contextual advertising
4. Incentive marketing
5. Banner AD’s

Search engine marketing is done when the advertiser searches the data base and is linked up with an affiliate who is doing his advertisement or running the advertisements on his behalf. Also through the search engine the advertiser is able to search for people who are able to offer him different services from the network.
Email marketing is done by the affiliates through the sending of mail which contains the advertisers ad to the affiliates registered in the network. The advertiser gets lucky with this form of advertisement because the number of people in the networks data base is too big thus the advert reaches many people.
Contextual advertisement is conducted so that they appear as pop up ads to the clientele. The pop up ads appear in such a way that they correlate with the page the person is viewing e.g. if the person is viewing a page on fashion the pop up ad that will appear will be fashion related.
The affiliates do incentive marketing through CPA (Cost per Action). The advertiser only gets to pay when he starts seeing the results and not upfront as it formally used to be. This form of advertise ensures that the affiliates have to work in order to receive the payment from the advertiser or their effort will just have gone to waste.
Banners Ads is by putting up banners displaying the Advertisers Company or products or services to appear in different sites. These banners are effective because they are designed to be catchy and always attract the attention of the target clientele.
Mode of AD’s
The mode of advertising does is referred to as CPA. As mentioned CPA is Cost per Action meaning the advertiser will only get to pay when they are satisfied that they have made a lead or a sale. Most of the time this form of advertising is cheaper than the one you pay upfront before even getting any results.

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