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Publisher network interCLICK Review Tricks 2012

Publisher network interCLICK Review Tricks 2012

InterCLICK -
InterCLICK is a still-solid choice for a second tier network when other qualifying criteria of other companies are out of your reach. However, interCLICK has lost some of the shine it held just a few years ago. Some of the innovative products they offer, especially the ground breaking options available to publishers in interstitials, may make it worth your consideration. A recent track record of delayed payments may not warrant a red flag, but certainly a yellow. For some, these payment issues reflect an overall decline in position that is continuing steadily downward.

Ad formats available:

* Skyscraper (120×600)
* Wide skyscraper (160×600)
* Medium Rectangle (300×250)
* Standard Banner (468×60)
* Leaderboard (728×90)
* Popunder (720×300)
* Video

Interface: 7/10
Fun and functional site
Weighted towards advertisers rather than publishers
Great design that’s easy to navigate is always welcome. Publishers have made interCLICK a popular choice and the attention to ease-of-use contributes to that welcome feeling. Building its brand on the promise of ‘transparency’, it seems the company is geared more towards happy advertisers rather than happy publishers- a fact that is reflected in site messaging. More features and focus on publishers can be found at other sites.
Support services: 7/10
Professional and personable
Nagging questions about their payment policy
Publishers report interCLICK support service is prompt and helpful, often solving issues the first time around without a lot of unnecessary follow-up. If your questions revolve around payment, the lag time in response seems to grow substanially. These monetary dealings have been a deal breaker for some users. Otherwise, interCLICK seems to deliver a high degree of satisfaction in day-to-day service.
Payment schedule and payment options: 3/10
You do eventually get paid
Unexplained serious delays in payment
Advertising as a NET45 company, interCLICK has at times left publisher waiting 60 to 120 days without any explanation or follow-up to repeated queries. Payments have always eventually been made, and interCLICK is large enough (publicly traded) and established enough that users should have confidence that the money exists. However, this pattern of behavior does not engender confidence.
eCPM: 8/10
Solid perfomance exceeding other tier two companies.
Overall Rating: 6/10 – Fair
In a side-by-side comparison of companies, the advertising revenue you’d calculate from interCLICK would often win out. But, if you’d rather have your revenue stream in the time frame promised, the spotty record of interCLICK may not be worth it.
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