Thursday, July 7, 2011

PAID TO CLICK Online Tricks

PAID TO CLICK Online Tricks

There are some websites which pay you for clicking the ads on their websites. These websites are called PTC websites. Your account is credited with money for each click instantly. When you reach a certain limit (which is variable as per the websites), this amount if transferred to your online money bank called Paypal Or Alertpay. If you do not have a paypal account, you will need to make one. Its free of cost.What we have done is, we have compiled a list of all such websites which will pay you for clicking their ads. This will increase your daily income and all this clicking procedure doesn't take more than 1-3 hours a day. If you work as I mentioned, you will earn atleast $10-20 daily. To increase your income, you can always refer your friends as your downlines. When they work, you get as much as they earn, so this multiplies your income, moreover you can sign up for more than 10 PTC sites simultaneously to earn a reasonable monthly Income.

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