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Make Money Writing on Squidoo Earning Tricks 2011

Make Money Writing on Squidoo Earning Tricks 2011

All Blog, Website Owners Invited all freelance writers, bloggers, retirees, stay at home Moms. Join Squidoo today and start to make money writing on Squidoo.

Squidoo lets you write about topics you enjoy - your hobbies and interests, your motivations and most other stuff in between. Write from home and watch your earnings grow while enjoying the same old relaxed lifestyle. If you have recently been made redundant with the downturn in the economy Squidoo offers you a way to make extra cash writing while job hunting.

Like HubPages and Triond, Squidoo offers a variety of ways to make money writing. Squidoo shares the revenue with its writers (known as lensmasters) and pays a percentage of commissions from sales earned from Amazon, eBay and CafePress.

To make money writing on Squidoo it is best to concentrate on writing articles that promote a product. You do this by adding products links to your lens articles from Amazon, eBay and other affiliate programs. If a reader buys a mp3 player from a link in your article for instance then you earn 50% of the commission earned.

Earning through referrals is another way to make money on Squidoo. For every new referral you generate you receive a $5 bonus once the person has made their first $15.

Yet another way is the income earned by Squidoo placing Google and Infolink ads on your lenses. The earnings generated are put into a community pool and distributed by Squidoo according to a tiered ranking system. The PayRank scale at Squidoo is based on the average LensRank and traffic of each lens along with the number and quality of lenses in the lensmaster's account.

The PayRank system means that virtually no Adsense income is earned by new article writers. Squidoo lensmasters have to write quite a few lenses and have some successes with them before they any form of compensation is received from any ads served. I personally don't like the idea of missing out on Adsense earnings and I consider it a major downfall in the Squidoo system.

However, on the other side of the coin payranking the lenses does mean that the quality of the content remains high at Squidoo as less committed and talented lensmasters drop off. Plus if your lenses are very high quality and you are prolific enough you will enjoy very high earnings from the community pool. Perseverance, hard work and talent are rewarded at Squidoo. You can make money writing at Squidoo so don't give up.

Squidoo PayRank System

* Tier One: Lenses with an average LensRank of #1 to #2,000 get 25% of the ad pool.
* Tier Two: Lenses with an average LensRank of #2,001 to #10,000 get 17% of the ad pool.
* Tier Three: Lenses with an average LensRank of #10,001 to #85,000 get 8% of the ad pool
* Last Tier (the Zero Tier): Lenses with an average LensRank more than #85,000 get 0% of the ad pool

A portion of the proceeds from the revenue generated by displaying ads plus 5% of affiliate sales goes to charity straight away on Squidoo. You can also choose to donate some or all of your Squidoo income to charity.

Squidoo pays out earnings via Paypal. The default threshold is $10 but this can be customized according to individual preferences. I suggest you make the threshold only a dollar or two while you are just starting off. Make sure you keep a watch on your account though because after a year of inactivity Squidoo closes your account and distributes the earnings to charity and the community pool.

Squidoo has a good Google PR4 ranking so backlinks are valuable. If you have a blog or website make sure you promote it with Squidoo. I suggest writing a lens about your blog and some of its most important posts. To get your articles on the first page of Google search engine results research keywords using the Google keyword tool.

Sign up with Squidoo is simple and straightforward. In only a few minutes you will be creating your first lens and be on your way to making money writing for Squidoo. Sign up to Squidoo

Squidoo is absolutely free to use and offers a good opportunity to write articles for money. What I enjoy about Squidoo is the easy article interface that makes writing a cinch. Squidoo is also is a fun place to work and hang out. The community is lively so make sure you check it out for a better Squidoo experience.

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