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Latest Review Publisher Networks Tatto Media Tips 2012

Latest Review Publisher Networks Tatto Media Tips 2012
Tatto Media, an affiliate-based advertising network, was established in Boston in 2005. As an affiliate or CPA-based advertising network, Tatto pays its publishers based on completed actions of referred visitors. For instance, a visitor to a website must complete a purchase or submit a completed form in order for the referring publisher to receive a commission.

Unlike some other networks that aim to provide the largest number of affiliate offers possible, Tatto Media says that it aims to provide quality over quantity. In this way, it may not necessarily have the most offers of any network, but each offer has presumably been screened for quality.
Tatto Media is a performance-based online network that offers a range of affiliate offers for publishers. The offers are typically organized based on category. These include Dating, Education, Email Submit, Entertainment, Finance, Health, Insurance, and Mobile. The “Mobile” offers are not advertisements that are designed for placement on mobile-friendly websites. Instead, they are offers that are geared toward the mobile market albeit promoted through conventional online means. These mobile offers have been generated in-house by Tatto Media.
Another point of pride for Tatto Media is its proprietary tracking system. This tracking system allows for the generation of robust statistics regarding number of impressions, clicks, conversions, and so forth. All affiliate offers in the Tatto Media network come with tracking URLs. The statistics page, in turn, can generate reports that break down the data into intervals as small as a single hour.
In addition to the proprietary tracking system, Tatto Media also offers a self-serve pixel placement service. Within each of the offers, publishers are given the opportunity to insert HTML-based third-party conversion tracking pixels. These can be in the form of an iFrame, image, or JavaScript. These third-party tracking pixels can come from a variety of sources, fully supporting other tracking systems that publishers may choose to use.
Ad Creatives
Upon inspecting each of the offers made available through the Tatto Media network, publishers will discover that the information pages typically only contain a tracking URL for use with marketing campaigns. The assumption is that the publisher would then have to generate his or her own ad creatives, but this is not the case.
Supposedly in an effort to provide better customer service, Tatto Media houses all of its ad creatives, including banners, on its own desktop. When a publisher finds a particular affiliate offer of interest, he or she can then request the specific ad creatives associated with that offer. In this way, Tatto Media can have a better sense of the types of offers this publisher prefers to run.
For some publishers, this may feel like an unnecessary step and a potential burden. This system allows for a cleaner and simpler interface, but the added step of requesting ad creatives can take time away from the true purpose of affiliate marketing: making money.
Control Panel
The Tatto Media Affiliates System user dashboard is comprised of five distinct sections. Overall, the control panel is easy to navigate and is laid out simply.
The main page, also known as a snapshot, provides at-a-glance information upon logging in to the publisher account. From here, publishers can view today’s stats, access quick links, read network updates, contact their affiliate managers, and access the link for the Tatto Media referral program.

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The second section lists all of the offers currently available through the Tatto Media network. This table can be sorted based on the offer’s name, type/category, supported countries, payout level, clicks, conversions, eRPC, and revenue. From this main list, publishers also have one-click access to offer previews. These display the landing pages that visitors would see upon clicking the appropriate link.
The third section provides statistics and reports; the fourth section displays account information, including payment history; and the fifth section provides a series of tools. These tools currently include Geo Location (geographic information of users) and the stats API for development of personalized stat applications.
Signing up for an account with Tatto Media is comprised of just a single registration page. On this registration form, applicants will be asked to provide an email address, alias, password, full name, company, country, mailing address, and phone number. The application process takes less than a minute.
With an application sent over a weekend, approval was received by the following Monday. In this way, most publishers can expect to receive an approval email message within one to two business days. From here, publishers will need to log in to their accounts to enter the appropriate payment details. Payment, by default, is sent via bank wire, though publishers can also request payment via PayPal or check.
Publisher Support
Relatively speaking, Tatto Media is one of the smaller performance-based online advertising networks on the Internet. In this way, it is perhaps better equipped to provide personalized service to its publishers, affiliates, and advertisers. Upon logging in to the user dashboard, publishers will be provided with the name and email address of their account manager.
At this time, the main point of contact will be via email, but most responses to inquiries can be expected within 24 hours of submission. It is up to the individual publisher if they wish to request alternative streams of communication with his or her account manager.
Payment Details
In navigating through the Tatto Media website, publishers may have a difficult time discerning the exact payment details from this affiliate network. As a standard, Tatto Media will issue payments based on a net-30 schedule. Higher-performance publishers can request a more frequent payment schedule, including twice a month or even once a week. To qualify to receive payment once a week, a publisher must typically generate at least $2,000 within that reporting period.
By default, Tatto Media offers payment via bank wire transfer. Alternatively, publishers can request to receive payment in the form of a check through a mail or instant payment via PayPal. A fee, as a percentage of earnings, may be charged for wire transfers. There is no apparent minimum threshold for payment, though Tatto Media prefers to send payment via check for smaller amounts (e.g., $100). The account balance is always cleared once a month.
Referral Program
The referral program for Tatto Media is relatively simple and straightforward. Rather than paying a commission based on profit levels, publishers who refer other users to the network earn a flat 1% bonus commission. This 1% gross commission is based on the total earnings of the referred publisher for however long that referral continues to actively generate revenue through Tatto Media. There is no time restriction. Referrals are tracked using a specific referral URL.
Tatto MediaAffiliate marketing has quickly become the preferred form of advertising, both for advertisers and for publishers. Tatto Media, while not quite as widely known as some of its competitors, is a reasonably robust performance-based online advertising network. The application process is remarkably straightforward and approval can expected within one or two business days.
While the exact quantity of affiliate offers through Tatto Media is not quite as impressive as publishers may be able to find elsewhere, the offers in the Tatto Media network are reasonably varied in scope, including the in-house mobile offers and offers related to entertainment, finance, and dating. It is a little unfortunate that ad creatives are not immediately accessible from within the user dashboard, however, since publishers need to contact their account managers in order to access banners and similar marketing material.
With a simple and streamlined interface, a strong referral program, and a great level of publisher support, Tatto Media is a viable performance-based advertising solution for publishers for all around the world.

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