Thursday, July 7, 2011

Earn Adsense Revenue Bookmark Your Blog at Snipsly

Earn Adsense Revenue Bookmark Your Blog at Snipsly New Tricks

Snipsly is a way to earn Adsense revenue while bookmarking your blog posts. I use it to promote each of my posts and build quality backlinks that will add to the credibility of my blog.

The good thing about Snipsly is that it pays you to bookmark your content which is something you need to do anyway to build a successful blog.

At 80/20 in favor of the writer the Adsense sharing at Snipsly is generous in my view. Most content sharing sites offer 50/50 so it is way above what is offered elsewhere. To balance this though there is no referral program. Nor can you include eBay or Amazon modules the way you can on HubPages and Squidoo.

Snipsly is free to join and has no hidden costs. It accepts international writers as long as they write in English.

Benefits of Submitting Content to Snipsly
# Earn 80% Adsense Revenue
# Increase Your Blog Traffic
# Gain quality backlinks
# Free to register
# Accepts international writers
# Ownership of content remains with the writer

Snipsly Has a Wordpress Interface
Snipsly is built on the Wordpress blogging platform so the interface will be largely intuitive for bloggers. Other writers might experience it as clunky and certainly it is no match for ease of RedGage or Xomba.

I like how quickly I can add content to Snipsly. Three sentences and I'm done. For a busy writer and blogger like me time is money so I enjoy being able to get the job done quickly and know I am earning potential Adsense revenue at the same time.

One great feature of Snipsly is the inclusion of the SEO all in one pack Wordpress plugin. SEO optimization of articles is important and I like the facility at Snipsly to add keywords and a description of my content to have the best chance of getting targeted traffic.

The community at Snipsly is there but it is hard to find and interact with largely because of the Wordpress interface. I personally haven't bothered with networking at Snipsly but it may be to my detriment as usually sites like this rely on members to promote content.

Tips for Writing at Snipsly

* Check out the suggested topics

* When bookmarking write a short unique summary rather than copying the first few sentences from your blog

* Use a different name for your bookmark or article at Snipsly than your blog content to avoid competing with yourself in search engine results.

* Use the SEO tools to SEO optimize your articles and bookmarks

* Don't go overboard on adding links as you risk your article looking like spam

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