Monday, July 4, 2011

CPM ads Networks Tips 2011-2012

CPM ads Networks.

You have a blog/website with good amount of traffic, and you use Google adsence and some other network banner, but you do not earn money. This network is working on CPC method. Why are you not using other method of advertisement? When looking for alternative for CPC is method I always go for CPM. Want to more about CPM and CPC please read my post method of advertisement. In CPM ads no need to click. Every traffic is counted differently and it is based on where do you get the traffic, most valuable are United Kingdom and U.S.A traffic (because most of companies are from these countries), but other countries have also decent CPM rate.

cpm ad network, earn money by blogging

List of Companies, who offer CPM ads for blog/website.

Types of CPM avaible: Popups, In Page Banner

Ways of getting paid: Check

How often they pay: NET-45

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