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CPA Network – Pepperjam Network Latest Reviews 2012

CPA Network – Pepperjam Network Latest Reviews 2012

This is an internet marketing company that was founded in 1999, unlike others that provide narrow based service in one given area, Pepperjam offers the following: Professional accounts management, enterprise level technology, affiliate marketing and online planning and buying of the online media.

It has one of the best search properties in the world providing different types of services from Pay-Per-Click (PPC) style to search agencies. This search delivers an unparalleled management meant to reduce the Cost per Acquisition (CPA) while maximizing sales on lead volume and exposure. Over the period of eight years it has improved its affiliate management team which includes affiliate and super affiliate recruitment, newsletter creation and dissemination, banner and landing pages, daily contacting of the affiliates, coverage and other ways needed to bring about success.
Pepperjam media section gives vigorous; online planning, results oriented and buying solutions, due to all these factors, it gives the best Return-on-Investment (ROI) thus enabling the clients realize their objectives. Their staffs have also the true skills for the current generation. Indeed they were the first ones to integrate the affiliates and mobile marketing into one program that keeps the clients informed of the latest developments; with these qualities, Pepperjam network is an example of the coming generation affiliate marketers no wonder they have worn notable awards and recognitions.
Major traits
The main characteristics that keep Pepperjam distinct from others are:

* The publisher gets to choose the ads he wants in the widget, where as in other affiliate networks, one picks a specific banner or link for a single merchant thus limiting to promoting one merchant per creative.
* General marketing styles are used in promoting the advertisers e.g. Pay-per-click, Search-engine-optimization, Loyalty, Product feed to mention a few. In this case it is the advertisers who choose the mode they would wish for and they reserve the right to accept or decline the choice given
* It is a performance based form of marketing where publishers get their dues only when transaction occurs. The payments come on a flat, Cost Per Action (CPA) or percentage on sales with payments being made after two weeks that is 1st and 15th of each month.
* Click-through is counted for a period of time to designate advertiser’s terms. A click-through in this case means the action of clicking on Pepperjam link. Commissions are earned per 100 Clicks, the rating using 100 is used to predict profitability e.g. if you spend 12cents to come up with a click your EPC is calculated as 20cents since you are earning 8cents every time a click is generated.

Requirements for Advertiser and Publisher
The ideal candidate for the advertiser is an already present e-commerce or a business with reputable outreach while the later is a website owner who is wiling to partner and promote e-commerce properties. Advertisers pay their dues to publishers when a valid transaction takes place on the other hand publishers can promote goods and services without the need to manage the real property.
Their commissions are then paid out as either CPA or Percentage of sales where CPA sales give flat pay-outs as opposed to the percentage mode of payment.

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