Thursday, July 7, 2011

Azoogleads CPA Network Latest Review 2012

Azoogleads CPA Network Latest Review 2012 is a division of the Epic advertising firm. So far it is one of the very best advertisement sites in the web. network mostly seeks out to reach the young people and it does this by targeting them through their adverts, online jobs and promotions which they run regularly. They do different types of adverts one of them being through CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (Cost per Impression). It also does its advertising by the use of news letters, online promotions, campaign management, creation of micro sites etc.

Cost per Click (CPC) is whereby the network charges the advertiser for a click that will bring a visitor into their site. This type of advertisement is done by advertisers who want to reach a bigger clientele. Cost per Impression (CPM) is used for their advertisement. They charge per a thousand page impression i.e. the ‘M’ in the CPM representing the roman M for 1000.
Online promotions are meant to make the people keep coming back in the hopes that they will win in the promotion. This is very effective form of advertising because it means always has a steady flow of traffic thus their adverts reaching out to the number of people whom they desire. In the promotion they give away different gifts e.g. holiday packages, dinner at posh hotels etc. They do campaign management when on of their advertisers is about to launch or has launched a product or service and they want to sell it to the people that it is the very best product or service the market has to offer.
They also run a search engine “Epic Certified Search Program”. Through this search engine advertisers search for publishers run different advertisements on the behalf of the advertisers.
One can make money from by becoming a publisher. They do the publishing through an easy to manage user interface. But first one must register before you get into their publishers data base. As a publisher you generate money by promoting products in the site from different clients and advertisers and also rallying to acquire new clients. Their mode of payment is monthly by check or by wire transfer. Another advantage is that you can choose the currency you want to be paid in, whether its dollars, Euro, Pounds etc.
You can also earn money through through Facebook. With the growth of this social utility, facebook, it has opened doors for marketers, advertisers, developers and business to reach the young people who are the ones mostly in the network. uses developers to reach to that population by using their applications and then paying them for the use of that application.
The site has also been tested by McAfee and found the site to be secure. This means that the advertisers feel safe using for their adverts because they are already assured of the networks security from viral attacks. The site is also update constantly thus you will see their offers which are about to expire etc.
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