Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kareena Kapoor refuses to play mom to Saif’s kids

Kareena Kapoor refuses to play mom to Saif’s kids :

Seems like the reel-life plot from Kareena Kapoor’s recent flick ‘We Are Family’ is being played in her real life too. The romantic and perfect love saga of Saifeena faced a setback when the two had a tiff over the issue of Chhote Nawab’s kids. It all happened when Saif’s kids, Sara and Ibrahim, came to spend time with their father and Saif asked his lady love to play their mom.

It may be mentioned here that on earlier occasions, when kids came over, Kareena chose to stay away giving space to Saif to bond with his kids. But this time she hanged around. But where Saif pampered and bonded with his kids, Kareena could not do so. This upset Saif and the couple went into communication gap for six days. The cold war ended only when the kids went back home.

However, the two have decided not to let this ruin their relationship and Kareena was also seen with Saif and the kids at the private screening of Anjaana Anjaani. Hope, this would put an end to all the media speculations.

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